Girl's Basketball | Overview

Girls Basketball Overview

KSA Events, the nation's premier host of High School sporting events, is proud to host the KSA Classic and KSA Holiday Basketball Tournament in Orlando, Florida and the KSA Classic Basketball Tournament in Washington, DC. As with all KSA competitions, participating teams come nationwide from Alaska to Florida and from Massachusetts to California, providing a true national competition format that brings together teams who would otherwise never meet on the court.

KSA sporting events are also unique because they are competed at the finest professional and amateur athletic venues in the country, located in great destination cities that allow teams to experience the thrill and bonding of team travel that is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for student-athletes.

Although KSA Events bring together some of the most elite teams in the country, KSA accepts teams of all skill levels, giving equal opportunity to all student-athletes. In competition, great effort is taken to seed teams into a bracket that will provide an appropriate level of competition that is both fair and challenging to all.

As exciting as KSA competition can be, KSA Events was founded as a non-profit with the assistance of Coaches and Athletic Directors to promote the educational aspects of athletic participation. Therefore, the following key learning points are promoted through KSA participation:

  • Commitment - to KSA participation & fundraising
  • Goal-setting - to develop a plan and complete it
  • Teamwork - to accomplish set goals as a team
  • Bonding - during off-season trip prep & the tournament itself
  • Team Travel - first & only of its kind for many players
  • Inter-State Competition
  • Participation in World-Class Facilities
  • Continuing Education - through KSA Scholarships

In total, KSA Events truly offer an opportunity for your players to grow as individuals. So whether you are looking to reward your program for years of hard work or bring excitement to a rebuilding program, KSA competition offers a unique educational opportunity to student-athletes.

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"Thanks a ton for everything.  Our kids had a blast.  I still feel that traveling with teams is a great experience... I observed so many of our kids hanging out with other team members that they had never spent time with.  I believe this time together and the enjoyment of the experience will form more team chemistry earlier in our season than we could do back home.  This experience was educational for the kids in the aspects of geographical, climates, meeting new people, and most importantly, the ability to put kids in situations where they had to be responsible. 
Before traveling four years ago, I thought teams were crazy to spend the money and effort fundraising just to play a game.  After traveling twice through KSA, I am sold on the positive experiences I have had with our teams, coaches and families.  I know this past weekend will be something that our kids will remember the rest of their lives.  Many of our former athletes that traveled four years ago come back and share their stories from traveling to Disney. 
Thanks again for all you do for high school sports."
Andy Lowry
PE Department/Football Coach
Columbine High School

“It’s an opportunity that many of the players, especially those whose careers will end after high school, will never experience again.”

- Eddy Peach
, Head Coach
 Lamar High School, Arlington, Texas

“(Travel to compete in this program) would seem to be part of the educational process for young people. Various clubs and classes have been doing it for years. Why not sports?”

-The Denver Post

“Our kids grew up and we came together as a team. It’s a good thing for kids to be able to do something like this.”

-Tony Manfredi, Head Coach
Overland High School, Aurora, Colorado